Talking Crypto with GERBZ

Since I first heard about Crypto in 2012 I have been completely fascinated with the subject. There are so many rabbit holes you can go down; the tech side, the philosophical side which inevitably leads you to question ‘what is money?’.


This week I am joined by GERBZ, a very interesting player in the crypto space who runs the website which has some amazing resources to learn about crypto. I wanted to get GERBZ on the pod initially to give some concrete advice for people running live events so we start off by talking about how event producers can take payment in crypto.


We then freestyle about how GERBZ sees the future of crypto and the internet and stay tuned to hear his ‘end of 2011 price prediction.’


Gerbz is a developer and entrepreneur who's done over 10k crypto transactions with e-commerce customers since 2013. He co-hosts The BitLift Podcast, which helps people responsibly navigate their way down the crypto rabbit hole. 


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