Running Two Annual Conferences for Entrepreneurs in Bangkok and Austin with Catalina Alvarez from Dynamite Circle

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This is an amazing interview to hear from to a conference organizer about how she plans, markets and runs large events. Catalina manages two annual conferences in Austin and Bangkok for a group for ‘location independent entrepreneurs’ called the Dynamite Circle founded by Dan and Ian from The Tropical MBA which I’m also a member of.

On the interview we discuss:

  1. How Catalina moved from Spain to Miami then went to work in China aged just 18
  2. What it was like living in Shenzhen
  3. How she came to work for the Dynamite Circle
  4. How they sell a lot of tickets for the next year right after the end of the conference, and before the dates are even announced!
  5. The pros and cons of holding an annual conference in the same venue versus moving it around
  6. The problems in Asia with customs when your shipping packages from sponsors worldwide
  7. How the payment schedule works when working with conference hotels
  8. Why you might not want to use a hotel for the first year of a conference
  9. How conference hotels in the US are way more expensive then in Asia and charge for every extra
  10. How they start very early looking for sponsors and speakers
  11. How people love to hear real stories from their peers rather than professional speakers
  12. How they go for ‘actionable;’ rather than ‘inspirational’ sessions
  13. How they send a feedback form right after the event
  14. How they run three whole days of pre conference sessions at the hotel
  15. How they sometimes have to find replacement speakers at the last minute
  16. The structure of their conference team
  17. How they organize a team of volunteers to help run the actual conference
  18. How they use Attendify App and EventsFrame
  19. How the party venues change hands so often in Bangkok that they always need to find new ones
  20. How they have a ‘Master of Ceremonies’ for the whole event to introduce everyone on stage and also coordinate the parties.

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