Martin Stoila - What happened with EventsFrame

As long-term listeners may know, back when I started this podcast I launched a software system for event organizers to sell tickets called EventsFrame. To be honest, my main inspiration to start this podcast was in the hope of promoting it…. but that led to me really enjoying podcasting and the podcast has outlived my involvement with EventsFrame :)


Enter Martin. Martin is a serial entrepreneur living in Prague who I’ve known for many years. We used to be part of a weekend mastermind where a group of us would go off for a weekend to different towns and cities in the Czech Republic, book a conference room in a hotel and try to help each other out, followed of course by several beers in the evening. On one of these weekends, I was talking about how hard it was to juggle the software business with my events business and Martin said ‘why don’t I take it over’. The rest is history and Martin joins me on the pod today to talk about running an events software company during the worst time for live events in our lifetime!


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