Lovelda Vincenzi - How to work as a moderator, host and MC

Lovelda is a full time moderator, host and ‘master of ceremonies’ based in the UK. Lovelda tells us about her background and how she makes a full time living from being on stage!


Today we talk about:

  1. Lovelda’s background and the countries she’s lived in
  2. What personality types can do this type of work?
  3. How does Lovelda get work?
  4. How Lovelda got her start, and tips to get started
  5. Differences between the three types of work
  6. Can you do this full time?
  7. Work in one location or travel?
  8. How much prep does Lovelda do for each engagement?
  9. Any courses to learn how to do this?


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