How to exhibit effectively at trade shows and exhibitions

Today's episode is a little different. Normally on this podcast, we focus on people running events, but today I thought it would be interesting to look at things from the other side, and take a deep dive into exhibiting at trade shows.


It’s especially interesting for me with my company AppsEvents as we are planning on exhibiting at some trade shows now that (hopefully) the World is starting to open up.


Here are some of the topics Jim gets into

  1. How even Small businesses can win BIG at Trade Shows
  2. 7 secrets to help Small Businesses Win at Trade Shows...without spending an additional penny over their budget
  3. Why You need to be running your Trade Show booth like a 5-star restaurant


Jim Cermak is a Trade Show coach and the host of the Trade Show University podcast - noted as a Top 5% podcast globally.  Jim brings over 30 years of marketing, training and events, and loves sharing the success secrets from working and planning trade shows. He has been a judge for the 2021 Virtual Event Awards, is a partner of the Virtual Event Institute, and has collaborated with Caesar’s Entertainment.


You can reach Jim via:

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  • Cell: 216-906-4715


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About the Events Podcast:

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