Dan Taylor on ‘The Anomalous Educator Podcast’

I’m currently in Asia for two months with my family, running some conferences and training events and squeezing a few days holiday in as well. It included a fascinating trip to run an event in Kathmandu, Nepal, which I discuss in the intro.

This week's episode is a bit of an ‘off-topic’ one. I was delighted to be asked to be a guest on The Anomalous Educator Podcast by Ray Blakney.

The podcast focuses on teachers looking to do their own online businesses but a lot of the content is great for anyone looking to run their own training events, whether online or in person.

We get into a few topics including:

  1. An overview of using Google classroom to run your own training events and online courses
  2. Some more background about the company I founded ‘AppsEvents’

Check out Ray’s podcast over at The Anomalous Educator Podcast

Listen on: iTunes / Podbean / Stitcher / Spotify / YouTube

If you run ANY kind of events please check out the ticketing system we developed www.eventsframe.com - Effortless ticketing and attendee management with NO ticket fees...Make the switch from Eventbrite today.

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Get in touch with me about anything at all via dantaylor.me

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