Chris Robb: Author of ‘Mass Participation Sports Events’, International Speaker and Founder of ‘Mass Participation Asia’ conference.

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Chris Robb has done a lot! From running events at his school growing up in Zimbabwe to being the road manager for the Sydney Olympics. He founded the Singapore Marathon and sold it to Ironman before launching is career as an international consultant and speaker. He now lives in Bali and runs the Mass Participation Asia conference and is a sought after speaker and consultant

On the interview we discuss:

  1. How Chris organized a running event at his school to pay for the school running track to be resurfaced
  2. How he went to University in South Africa and ran events there
  3. What are the business models for mass participation sporting events
  4. Moving to Sydney and working on the Olympics as road manager
  5. The huge rise of ‘Tough Mudder’ style races
  6. Starting the Singapore Marathon and selling it to Ironman
  7. Why he moved to Bali
  8. His advice for people wanting to speak at conferences
  9. What are the opportunities for entrepreneurs to start a new event now

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