William Kunhardt - A successful Classical music conductor who also runs ‘The London Feast’ - an immersive secret dining experience in London

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This was my favourite interview so far and I think you will really like it! Will Kunhardt is a fascinating guy…. A classically trained violinist who wanted to be a conductor and got his start by putting on his own concerts instead of waiting to he hired.

Will parlayed that into founding his own Orchestra (called the Arensky Chamber Orchestra) then co founding a company to run a series of epic ‘Immersive Experiences’ in London, including one coming up in December 2018 called The Great Christmas Feast..a ‘secret dining experience’ experience based around Charles Dickens ‘Christmas Carol.’

We talk a lot about how Will still remains creative and works as a musician and composer while retaining full control over his creations and running a profit making business.

On the interview we talk about:

  1. How Will got his start as a classical music conductor by putting on his own events
  2. How becoming a conductor is more competitive than becoming a premiership footballer
  3. How Beethoven, Mozart and Wagner were hardcore promoters and hustlers
  4. How Will founded his own orchestra
  5. How Will had to get good at getting Government arts funding for his orchestra to survive
  6. How he co founded an events company The Lost Estate to put on immersive experiences, including The Great Masked Ball, based around Swan Lake
  7. How Will promoted their events almost exclusively using Facebook ads, which he taught himself despite not being a Facebook user.
  8. How the ‘Immersive Experience’ events category is a huge and growing one
  9. The influence of the ‘Four Hour Work Week’ book by Tim Ferriss on both our businesses
  10. How Dickens ‘The Christmas Carol’ essentially rebooked Christmas and gave us many of the traditions we still enjoy today
  11. The level of analysis Wil does for his events. Thinking at every stage how will this make the attendee feel.
  12. Gary Vaynerchuks phrase ‘Clouds and Dirt’....how it’s important to get into the high level vision to produce something amazing, while still getting into the nitty gritty logistics to make an event work


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Visit https://www.thelostestate.com/ for more information on William Kunhardt and if you can get to London anytime in December then I can’t recommend highly enough to check out The Great Christmas Feast.


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