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On this week's episode of ‘The Events Podcast’ I spoke with Chris Reynolds from The Business Method. I was lucky enough to be interviewed on Chris’s podcast so it’s great to get him on ours.

We are both part of an entrepreneurs group called the ‘DC’ and have met in person a few times but I didn’t know much about his background so it was cool to dig in and talk about his background and how it led to his events.

Chris ran charity projects in Costa Rica, Peru and Africa where he got a taste for running live events. This led him to run ‘The Entrepreneur House’, a productivity focused residential retreat in multiple cities including Barcelona and Chiang Mai. Chris started off running his events over two months which is a pretty herculean feat!... but has now reduced it down to 10 days.

Chris travels full time with is girlfriend although he likes to stay in one place for several months at a time and told me the term ‘slowmad’ which I hadn’t heard before to describe this lifestyle.

Chris is a Podcasting machine and he’s produced close to 400 podcast episodes that I can find! Podcasting is a major sales funnel for his events but we discussed about how this is a long term proposition and you need to really enjoy it. The second major sales funnel is posting in forms and groups that Chris is a part of. Chris shares his content widely on social media (Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and this also helps with attendees but no one platform worked especially well for him.

Along with the events Chris runs productivity coaching and the podcast also helps him get new clients for this.

In terms of the logistics of the events Chris makes it a super casual format with fixed sessions then free time in between and the attendees often organise trips etc by themselves. Chris gets involved to make sure everyone is having a good time and to keep the group dynamic good, although with the kind of people he attracts it’s always a friendly crowd.

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