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I’m fascinated by anything to do with the music industry and today's guest Romeo Crow has a long career as a  professional musician. He started running a series of open-mic nights across London and the UK and has grown it into a huge business with events every day of the week.

We talk about:

  1. Romeo's background as a musician
  2. How to make money as a musician in 2019
  3. Open-mic events - what are they?
  4. The business model for open-mic nights - Romeo gets paid by the venue (pub) and we discuss how he recruits new venues to act as hosts
  5. How Romeo makes sure he always has enough musicians every night, and his ongoing recruitment process for musicians
  6. Romeo’s business systems: Romeo is of a fellow fan of ‘The e-Myth’ book and systemizes everything…. Including buying a new PA and other equipment for each venue and storing it on site to save on transportation. He also keeps all equipment the same brand and model so his staff can operate it easily.
  7. Celebrity news! Find out which famous musicians turned up for Romeos open-mic nights! 

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