Liam Martin - Founder of the ‘Running Remote’ Conference in Bali

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Liam is the founder of TimeDoctor and and also runs the ‘Running Remote’ conference in Bali. In this interview we discuss:

    1. How Liam started off with a plan to be a Sociology professor but it didn’t work out as he wasn’t good at teaching
    2. How he started the conference by finding a niche that no existing conference was serving (a great tip for listeners
    3. Why Liam wears his ‘Running Remote Conference’ t shirt every time he speaks at another conference
    4. We discuss how not many people talk about the economics of running a conference (apart from The Events Podcast)
    5. How Liam focused heavily on the financials to make sure he didn’t lose money
    6. How you can get hotels to pay you 10-20% of all room booking fees
    7. How to negotiate with hotels
    8. How he is dealing with local governments who want to pay to bring his conference to them as they want to attract remote workers
    9. How it’s way easier to get sponsors for your second conference (Liam 10x’d his prices!)
    10. How he gets to break even just from sponsors
    11. Pro Tip: Get speakers to record a promo video to show they are speaking at your event - great social proof
    12. They sold 9% of tickets in first month, 19% in second, 30% in third, 15% in fourth, 28% in fifth, 10% in sixth
    13. Pro Tip: If you can get 50% of conference attendees to come again next year you are doing great
    14. How they made a mistake only having vegetarian food in year one
    15. If you have a VIP party….then charge for it
    16. How he got all his speakers Diplomatic Immunity!

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