Justin Cooke - Co-founder of Empire Flippers, one of the Worlds largest online business brokers

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Justin is the co-founder of Empire Flippers…. one of the world biggest online business brokers. He moved to the ‘wild west’ city of Davao, Philippines to start their first office and now have a global remote team with over 50 employees.

Justin is a great example of someone who is not in the events business BUT has consistently used events to GROW his business. He has used residential meet ups to build relationships with customers and team members. He also has a ton of useful info about exhibiting at conferences, and tips both for exhibitors and for conference organizers.

On the interview we discuss:

  1. The story of how Empire Flippers was founded in Davao, Philippines
  2. How they built their business as a fully remote team and run ‘in person’ meetups twice a year to get the team working together
  3. Founding annual ‘Empire Retreats’ - Their meetup’s for clients and team members in a cool villa in Phuket, Thailand. Check out the YouTube video!
  4. Why they sponsor a lot of conferences and what they look for to get an ROI
  5. Some tips for conference organizers on how to keep sponsors happy
  6. Lots of tips for event sponsors including “Why if you go to an event it’s important to be in the right room, at the right parties to meet the right people”....and how to make this happen

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More information on Justin can be found on his website https://empireflippers.com/. If you are in the market to buy or sell an online business he is absolutely the person to talk to.

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