How to get 100+ attendees to come to your meetup with Clare Kennedy and David Costello from ‘Founder Institute’

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Clare and David run the Prague chapter of ‘Founder Institute’. A pre-seed accelerator for startups. I met them when I was lucky enough to be a mentor at two of their recent events. For their first ever meetup the got 75 attendees, and over 100 to their second. I wanted to find out how they did this to see what listeners running meetups can learn from this….so I got them on the pod

On the podcast we discuss:

  1. How their first entrepreneurial venture (a mobile app) went wrong
  2. How they founded their own digital marketing agency and what customers they focus on
  3. How they ended up running a local chapter of the Founder Institute
  4. How they partnered with local entrepreneurs to gain quick access to a large local network
  5. How the majority of registrations came from Facebook ads
  6. How Instagram ads are still undervalued

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