‘How to sell your event’ with Steve Monnington from Mayfield Merger Strategies

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It’s something every event producer thinks at one time….  “I’d love to sell my event.” But is it even possible, and who would buy your event?

On this week's episode of ‘The Events Podcast’ I spoke with Steve Mornington from Mayfield Merger Strategies. Steve is a ‘business broker’ for selling events, and his company handles the  whole ‘Merger & Acquisition’ process.

This is an amazing interview for anyone who may be thinking about selling their event in the future. Steve is super knowledgeable on this topic and handles multiple millions in dealflow each year. On the interview we get into:

  1. What type of events are the easiest to sell
  2. The difference between ‘Conference businesses’ and ‘Exhibition businesses’
  3. When to sell your event
  4. How to sell your event
  5. Who is buying events right now
  6. The role of private equity companies in events
  7. How many times profit do events sell for
  8. What the sale process looks like
  9. Does the seller have to be involved in future years?
  10. What is the outlook like for selling your event in the next few years?
  11. The importance of travel when running a global business

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You contact Steve through his website or connect with him on Twitter. Check out also the link below:

How much is your exhibition worth?


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